Thursday, October 28, 2010

Curl Up and Die-t !

Nowadays most people are talking about working out and what type of diet they are on. I propose the Taha Diet, patented my me, which promises to make you fat when you don't want it to. Basic nutritional sources would include chocolates, Ice cream and fried food. After all you cant get enough of these things. However I would love to research my competitors who somehow want to make people thin. What really surprises me is the amount of models that swear by these diets, most of them who look like they eat one carrot stick a week. These are the people who should take on the Taha Diet. A sure way to get you in shape, considering that round is a shape.

Atkins, General Motor, South Beach are just some of the diets that are available to the public. Other diets include - diet coke, diet pepsi, diet chips and dye-it which is a dyeing product. The whole revolution was started by Atkins and snowballed into one small piece of chicken. The only diet I really agree with is the subway diet where you eat subway sandwiches to lose weight. " That would be two meatball subs with cheese and 4 cookies, 2 packets of chips and a diet coke - you see I'm on a diet."

However I have to get into eating the right proportions, which would also mean altering my vocabulary -I'm so hungry,  I could eat a horse would now change to I'm so hungry that I could eat a pony.

These diets that are mentioned above could also be used as torture techniques ...  only one chip of lays, no more. Of course after all no one can eat just one ( I want money for advertising your brand) and they would go into mad fits craving for the second piece , they would not receive the second piece cause potatoes are filled with carbohydrates.

Another diet which people are using is what I call the rabbit food diet. I'm against this for 2 reasons - first all you eat is pretty much rabbit food, when I last read what rabbits ate was raw vegetables, nuts and their own poop. Something I am not willing to eat. Secondly this diet is made for rabbits and we all know how rabbits multiply. We are already have a population crisis, we dont need more people coming and eating all the vegetables. Hey maybe its not that bad , it leaves the meat for me .. eat little rabbits eat !!!

So right now I am contemplating which diet would be a major competitor to the Taha Diet , lets say none of them come close but I am writing this blog from inside Atkins headquarters where they gave me my last piece of lays, all I need to do to free my self is curl up and die-t.

(All comments are meant to be jokes and should not be taken seriously)


  1. Taha... don't think you can "patent" the Taha Diet as it isn't a process or product. The maximum you can do is trademark the name, if it isnt protected already, and copyright the actual text of the diet (which, I'm assuming is this blog post- in which case copyright automatically vests on your writing it)

    -compliments, Anirudh

  2. Actually a Diet if argued correctly may be patented as you can prove it is a process. Yes I could trademark the name. and yes I know that I have the copyright of the diet the minute I post this